Futureproof solutions are
productionproof solutions

Our production from one single location close to Rotterdam allows us to take full advantage of our very experienced production and logistic teams. All products are sampled and analysed before shipping.

Tailormade support
from our excellent staff

Holland Novochem offers a wide range of products to ensure optimal production and quality of fertilizer. Finding the right product for our customers does not mean picking one off the shelf.

The use of the wrong coating agent can cause in an increase of dust formation or still allow the granules to pick up moisture from its surroundings, which can lead to caking and ultimately disintegration of the granules.

Together with our customer, our technical staff ensures the right match for your needs through extensive testing. Whatever your needs are, our staff is here to help you find the best product.

anti-caking agents
Fertilizers and caking – a problem everybody in the industry is familiar with. Caking can lead to enormous additional cost and product losses for producers and application problems for end-users.

Our NovoFlow coatings have been in the market since 1992 and have been the industry standard ever since. There is a NovoFlow available for every type of fertilizer and we always strive to fine-tune the products to your needs.
Anti-dust agents
Environmental limitations are getting stricter and dust emissions are becoming an ever increasing problem for the fertilizer industry. That is where our NovoDust anti-dust agents come in.

Dust can be formed because of several different factors including low granule strength, porosity and abrasion. For each of these reasons a distinct solution is required. Our staff is experienced in identifying the problem and coming with the ideal solution to it.
NovoFlow moisture
protection agents
Fertilizers are prone to moisture pickup and this is what often leads to caking and disintegration of fertilizer granules.

For years, Holland Novochem’s moisture protection agents have been used all over the world, ensuring consistent fertilizer quality for its clients. Having a multitude products in the market, HNC’s products achieve moisture uptake reduction of up to 75% - keeping the fertilizers free flowing.
coloring agents
Coloring fertilizer granules to create a uniform colored product is one of the ways to set your product apart from the rest. With NovoTint, we can create the granule of your desired color and still keep excellent anti-dust properties.
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Micronutrients are crucial to agriculture, however it is not always applied due to practical limitations such as dust formation and low dosage and thus uneven spreading. Our micronutrient enhanced NovoFlow coatings combine the anti-caking and anti-dust effect of our regular coatings with the addition of the required micronutrient. This makes an even distribution possible while still keeping the fertilizer quality high.
Nitrification- and urease
Nitrogen losses are a significant contributor to environmental problems such as eutrophication and GHG emissions. Creating more sustainable fertilizers is important to the future of agriculture and the further optimization of this product is our top-priority R&D project. Our NovoTec products make your products more environmentally friendly by inhibiting either nitrification or urease.
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