Futureproof solutions are
climateproof solutions

Our modern laboratory has all the necessary facilities to run specific tests enabling us to develop custom-made formulations and to develop new applications.


Lab services

Our chemists can run all necessary lab tests for your analysing and determining the quality of your fertilizer on subjects such as caking, moisture uptake, moisture content, dust, granulometry, hardness or plasticity. Just get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you!

In house testing

Our state-of-the-art lab can run all necessary tests for making the most optimal selection for your fertilizer treatment.

On site testing

Our technical engineers will be glad to run a small scale industrial test at your site, as we always have a complete, mobile dosage installation at hand.

Ongoing  R&D activities

Our R&D team is permanently busy to develop to improve our products and services in order to comply with regulations and to be ready for the future!


With years of experience in the field, our experts are at your disposal to help you get the most from your fertilizer production plant. By combining technical knowhow, plant experience, research and development and data analyses tools a multidisciplinary approach will be taken to take your process to the next level.


Using the power of data collection and analysis, our team can help you reduce operational cost and increase the efficiency of your process. Identifying key areas of improvement and implementing best practices will make the production run better. Operational Excellence will give the operators the tools and insights to control the process better. This is a programme which will put the operators and engineers central, while delivering valuable insights to management.


In the world we live in, energy and emissions control is essential. With regulations becoming stricter and sustainability becoming more important, increasing the efficiency of energy consumption is key. Fertilizer plants have many elements which are energy intensive, such as for example the drying process, large ventilators and heated storage. Having a better understanding of the exact process dynamics will give great insight in the plant’s energy consumption and where it can be optimized. These insights can be used to decrease cost and increase control on the process