Futureproof solutions are
planetproof solutions

We use pure raw materials and ensure all our products are free from contaminants. We were the first worldwide to develop and supply biodegradable and biobased coatings to the industry.

The future of

The agricultural community worldwide is facing a future of unprecedented challenges. Everyone within the supply-chain will increasingly be forced to deal with the consequences of climate change, new regulation by governments and the changing food demands of next generations.

For fertilizer producers as well as their suppliers this will unavoidably result in calls for new and more sustainable approaches to fertilizing.

To stay ahead of the curve, we need to bring a pro-active and future driven view to fertilizing. Pushing all our capabilities to come up with ways that are capable to meet the demands of a changing world, a changing climate and a changing society.

The answer to those lie in Future-proof Fertilizing Solutions. New, innovative fertilizing built on products that combine improved effectiveness with the sustainability that will safeguard the health of the planet.


As Europe’s largest producer of fertilizer additives we want to serve as a catalyst for new fertilizing solutions worldwide. In our drive to help our customers staying ahead in changing times, we believe we help them best by aiming for solutions that serve their specific needs as well as the future environmental demands.

We will do this by working with our customers in close and tailormade cooperation, sharing our extensive knowledge and R&D strengths to provide them with future-proof answers and innovative solutions.

Over time we’ve earned a strong reputation on innovative thinking, competitive product development and a high standard of service. It makes us well placed to take the lead in inspiring our customers and the fertilizing community to prepare for future times. 

As a company we see it as our natural responsibility to facilitate our customers with products that will keep them competitive and help them contribute to the wellbeing of the planet for years to come.